Meet the Team

Tom Sutton-Roberts

General Manager

What gets you up in the morning? The team at Troxy are a great bunch of folk – and I know someone will already have the coffee on when I get in. It’s great to be part of the Troxy team at such an exciting time in the business.

Best Troxy moment? I’d only been at Troxy four months, and we put on a silent movie night over Halloween of 2015. We had the Wurlizter in full flow, proper East London pies and Jekyll and Hyde on the big screen. It was a small affair, but a very proud moment.

Most bonkers request to date? The sales and events team deal with the bonkers requests… and I’ve not heard them say “No” once. We’re very accommodating. We don’t say “No”, we say “How?”.

How did you get into the events industry? I started off pulling pints, alongside sound engineering and running my own events. Getting in to venue management seemed like the obvious route, with a couple of lucky breaks and some good friends made along the way.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Pop. And lots of it.

A place around Troxy you’d give a shout out to? The roof. There’s a great view up there of Canary Wharf, and it’s quite amazing in the summer.

First album you bought? My parents kept me topped up with music in my formative years, but the first album I bought with my own money? Natalie Imbruglia ‘Left of the Middle’. The second album I bought was ‘Blur’. I have no regrets it was this way round.

Drink of choice? 
Anything hoppy, pale, crafty and cold.

Simon Eaton

Business Development Manager – Music

What gets you up in the morning? Sadly my alarm, I’m more a night time person than morning person. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Best Troxy moment?  Seeing The Jesus & Mary Chain play their seminal ‘Psychocandy’ album in full, not only my favorite gig here but one of my favorite gigs ever (although I’m a massive fan to the extent I even have a J&MC tattoo so I may be a little bias!). It was the first time I’d been to the venue and long before I started working here so it was the start of my love affair with Troxy.

Most bonkers request to date? “Is the loading bay big enough to fit a horse through”

How did you get into the events industry? I think I’d be pretty useless at most other things, I’d struggle to have the passion for anything else. I interned at a few different record labels, managed various bands, started promoting shows on a national level and never looked back. I’ve never considered it ‘work’, I still don’t to be honest, if my boss stopped paying me I’d probably still turn up every day because I love it (don’t tell him that).

What’s your guilty pleasure? Rupert Holmes’ 1979 lonely hearts classic ‘Escape’ (The Pina Colada Song) – In fact there is nothing guilty about it, it’s an absolute banger.

Your dream event to host at Troxy? To get someone like Radiohead, The Stone Roses or Rage Against The Machine to play here would be out-of-this-world AMAZING,  however what we all want to see is a Smiths reformation, right?

A place around Troxy you’d give a shout out to? The Grapes – It’s a tiny Grade II listed pub in Limehouse overlooking the river and owned by Sir Ian McKellen. The current building dates back 1720 however there has been a pub on the site from 1583!

First album you bought? First single I ever purchased was ‘Trouble’ by Shampoo on cassette tape.

Drink of choice? Pint please, beer, no frills.

Will Poole

Events and Compliance Manager

What gets you up in the morning? My daughter

Best Troxy moment?  Rays of Sunshine Annual Ball with Take That raising £625,000

Most bonkers request to date? Custard pie fights with Secret Cinema, we said “Yes”!

How did you get into the events industry? A Degree in Leisure Management focused me into venue and events management in my final year

What’s your guilty pleasure?  Wine gums

Your dream event to host at Troxy? Secret Cinema (oh wait, we’ve done that 120 times)

A place around Troxy you’d give a shout out to? Our friends at the Half Moon Theatre

First album you bought? Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2

Drink of choice? An Ice cold pint of Peroni

Daniel Smith

Head of Sales and Events

What gets you up in the morning? A flexible spine and a lust for life.

 Best Troxy moment? There are two that have had me getting all emotional. One was the reveal of Rodrgiuez at a secret gig following a screening of ‘Searching For Sugarman’. The other was the first performance of the first Sink The Pink at Troxy. It absolutely kicked off and I was nothing but proud of how far the night has come along from the early days, and what it now offers people.

How did you get into the events industry? After completing a language degree, I moved to Italy for a year as a rep, where I would organise fun for folk…

What’s your guilty pleasure? Jigsaw puzzles. And Tina Turner.

Your dream event to host at Troxy? **Tina Turner live on stage with Daft Punk.

A place around Troxy you’d give a shout out to? The Yurt Café at St Katherine’s Precinct, soon to have an outdoor cinema.

Last album you bought? Crikey, I stream all music these days. The last thing I bought was Jamie XX vinyl at one of his recent gigs.

 Drink of choice? All of them.

Davy Lysaght

Bar Manager

Steve Singh

Production Manager

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