Doors: 5:00 pm
Age Restriction: 14+ U16s seated with adult

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE is a sensational dance-vocal group born from the Japanese dance-pop mega group EXILE TRIBE. Fusing together a uniquely Japanese personality with, international attitude, World-Class dance talent, nimble but soaring vocals, and cutting edge grandiose live performances, GENERATIONS has become known to fans around the world as the next stage of Japanese and Western Pop.

Consisting of 7 members, 2 Vocalists and 5 Performers, the group was created from EXILE’s legendary DNA via EXILE powered events and mentorship. The 2 Vocalists, Ryota  Katayose  and  Ryuto  Kazuhara,  were  discovered  after  their  standout performances at the ‘EXILE presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 2’ and were chosen from  over  30,000  contestants  to  record  with  and  join  the  EXILE  family.  The 5 Performers, Alan Shirahama, Reo Sano, Hayato Komori, Mandy Sekiguchi and Yuta Nakatsuka, were handpicked from EXPG (EXILE PROFESSIONAL GYM) where they perfected their dance talents from a young age and form the performance backbone

Formed  in  2012,  GENERATIONS  has  seen  remarkable  success  domestically  both critically and commercially. Their self-titled debut album, released in 2013, was certified Gold and rocketed to #1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart. The group followed their debut with expansive sold out live shows across Japan. Their latest album, “SPEEDSTER,” brought them their 3rd consecutive #1 Gold Certified Album on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart, and led to an even more successful touring schedule with attendance of over 222,400 people in just 24 shows.

Internationally, GENERATIONS have performed across Europe and Asia providing fans outside of Japan the opportunity to attend and see their favorite artists in the flesh. Over the past 2 years, events have been held in landmark cities Paris, London and in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Vowing to return to their fans and to share more spectacular performances with the Globe, GENERATIONS will embark on a World Tour, visiting music and cultural meccas in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Taipei, and Macau.

GENERATIONS embrace the “SPEEDSTER” mentality and look forward to bringing more of their ambitious dance, style, and sound, to stages, ears, and eyes around the world.

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