Doors: 6:00 pm

Ticket buyers receive a free book with their ticket.

All ticket holders seated downstairs will have the chance to meet Hristo Stoichkov after the event.

Please be aware that this event will be conducted entirely in Bulgarian.

The winner of the Ballon d’Or HRISTO STOICHKOV will meet his London fans. He will launch his official biographical book “Hristo Stoychkov. The Story” and will have the pleasure to sign it for some of his fans.

The book about the life of the most famous Bulgarian football player was issued by the “Softpress” last year and for less than 100 days it became the fastest selling book in Bulgaria for the century.

“Hristo Stoychkov. The Story” was written in co-authorship with Vladimir Pamukov. He will be a guest as well. To keep the good mood of the event and make it even more unforgettable there will be two of the Bulgarian show business stars – Dimitar Tudjarov-Shkumbata and the voice of Darik radio – Ivo Raychev.
Some stories are far too real to be told. However, I decided to give it a try anyway. I was fortunate enough that life raised me into success and I fulfilled my greatest childhood dream. How far have I gone? It is up to you to decide because everybody has their own Everest. The one thing I know for sure is that today, when I look back to where I started from, I still feel dizzy.

These days everybody writes. In order for you not to tell me that footballers cannot be writers, I decided to do this book together with the sports journalist Vladimir Pamukov. In fact, if there is something he doesn’t know about me or the Fourth in the world, it is obviously not worth knowing or simply… he didn’t want to know it.. Therefore, I provided the story and Vlado – the writing.

I bring up some subjects for the first and most probably the last time in “The Story”. I hope you will appreciate it. I did not spare or hide anything. I did not pretend I was someone else either. ‘I don’t want this book to be about the best person we know’ – this was Vlado Pamukov’s only requirement before I began narrating and he began writing. What is more, we did not have a single argument in the process.

In case we have not achieved our goal, I hope that you will at least take into account the fact that we were brave enough to try. And if we have… there will still be people that will try to tarnish our reputation. I am like that – there is no ‘in-between’. Get used to it and enjoy yourselves! This is my truth, my story.’’
Yours: Hristo Stoichkov

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This is a 6+ event.