Doors: 12:00 am

The popular Bulgarian folk singer will surprise our compatriots in London with a spectacular concert on the most luminous and patriotic Bulgarian holiday – March 3rd.

Dance is a language before words. And as such is part of the Bulgarians’ existence. Despite the years of slavery, Bulgaria has managed to create and pass through the generations the love for the authentic Bulgarian dance. She has created the Bulgarian “horo”. Together with musicians and dancers from the Nevrokop ensemble, Nikolina Chakardakova will present the magic of this dance and will join the audience in a two hour show.

After casting off the scenes in Canada, USA, Italy and the Netherlands, the folk music performer is preparing her return to the British capital with a new show in one of the most popular venues – Troxy. “Xòpa И xopá” is a project that continues the well-known styling of the folk singer’s work – beautiful and colorful decor and costumes, rich folklore and an endless bunch of people!

The name of the show has been offered to Nikolina by her team and the first time she heard it, the talented performer decided it was exactly what she was looking for! “I think the name is unconventional, and it’s also a hint of the concept we have prepared!”. During the first part of the show, “The Sorceress of the Pirin, her team will present the most beloved Bulgarian folklore songs, and immediately after, the Troxy dancefloor shall reveal an extraordinary dance performance, which according to the folk singer is “a  proven formula of success”.

Since April this year, until the end of October, together with the Nevrokopski Dance Ensemble, Nikolina Chakardakova has performed 100 concerts in Bulgaria! The accumulated experience has shown us that, “in the very beginning, people are enjoying our musical performances, but later on they want to take part in the concert with us!”. This is the reason why enough space is provided in the majestic Troxy for the audience to have the opportunity to join the magic and share the emotion.

The special date chosen by the folk singer for the concert, March 3, is intentional – Nikolina says that two years ago she dedicated her concert to our emigrants in Berlin – “My mission, my creed is to make people happy! I believe that every Bulgarian is proud of our biggest national holiday – that of the Liberation! I have the feeling that on this date, even our senses are sharpened in another way and for me, it is a great joy that I can share this experience with our compatriots abroad! ”

On Bulgarian Liberation day – 03.03.2018, the project “Xòpa I xopá”  will mark the launch of Nikolina Chakardakova 2018 European concert tour.