Doors: 12:00 am
Age: 18+

Counterculture wins at London’s Troxy once again.  Perfectly timed after the election, STP queens bring you the world’s first drag general election!

Our policies?

Free the nipple!  Fists across America! Flower power! Punk’s not dead! Vivienne Westwood! Blitz! The cockettes were right all along! Excess glitter use rewarded! Tie dye! Gender f***! F*** gender!

Feminism! Too fast to live, too young to die! Psychedelic art! Peace, not Pepsi! Save me from suburbia! Make love not war!

Slut drops for success! Positive punk!

Vote Sink The Pink!

Think Studio 54, Grace Jones, the Blitz, glam-rock, punk, riots, kids wanting change, escaping into clubs, making your own outfits, going on the dole, making music, the hot summer of ’76, punk rock, gender bending, Bowie, Boy George, UK and American politics then and now.

Free your spirit, release your voice, show the world your strongest looks, you are the CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION!