Doors: 12:00 am
Age: 12+

With two Eurovision appearances behind him, incredible fame in his home nation of Serbia and a huge back catalogue, Zeljko Joksimovic – the biggest pop star from the Balkans – is making his London debut at Troxy in March.

The most popular singer in Serbia and one of the country’s most gifted composers, the star will be performing his biggest hits which have had chart success not just in Serbia but across Europe.

Since the release of his musical masterpiece ‘Lane moje’ all of his releases have been hits not just in his home region but in France, Poland, The Netherlands and elsewhere.

The reason for Zeljko’s success is not just his songwriting but his breathtaking live performances. When was the last time you saw a performer who could play ten different musical instruments in one show? Chances are you haven’t!

The man the worldwide media refer to as ‘The Master of the Balkan Ballads’ will be singing his most famous songs including ‘Ljubavi’, ‘Lane moje’, ‘Supermen’, ‘Stihija’, ‘Lejla’ and ‘Nije ljubav stvar’.

As well as two Eurovision appearances, he has also been a live host for the competition.