We’re on a sustainability mission at Troxy for 2020. To kick off, we were recently awarded a Silver Certificate for our recycling measures by First Mile. 

First Mile is a London based company who are on a mission to revolutionise waste and recycling for businesses. They believe in a world where everything and anything can be recycled and, at Troxy, we want to find creative solutions to make this happen.

In 2020 our aim is the Gold Standard Certificate and to recycle a minimum of 90% of our waste. Currently we are recycling almost 80% – which equates to 118 trees saved per month and 15 tonnes of CO2 saved. 

Like thousands of venues across the UK, we are working with our peers, collaborating to look at ways to innovate and reduce our impact on the environment. We have taken several steps to reduce waste already; we no longer use plastic straws at our bars, we separate our rubbish and we operate a paperless ticketing and booking system alongside our partners at Dice

We now have a highly efficient six stream recycling policy in place at the venue, reducing our daily waste and carbon footprint. We know there is still more to be done going forward to reach our goals…so if you have any ideas to help then do get in touch! 

For tips and further information check out First Mile’s website here: