We won TWO awards in the London Venue and Catering Awards 2023!

Award Win | Awards | Best Venue | Diversity, Equality, Inclusion | Posted on November 28, 2023

We’re proud to announce we won two shiny awards last week at the prestigious London Venue and Catering Awards 2023!  The London Venue and Catering Awards (LVCA) recognises and rewards outstanding achievements in London-based venues and catering companies. Run annually since 2015, the LVCA celebrates and champions the venues and catering services that go above […]

Predictions for Corporate Events in 2024: A Sneaky Glimpse into the Future

Posted on November 16, 2023

Corporate events are an essential part of the business landscape, serving as platforms for networking, knowledge-sharing, and relationship-building. In recent years, these events have undergone significant transformations, adapting to technological advancements, shifting societal values, and evolving business needs. As we look ahead to 2024, (we know…but it’s not that far away!) It’s time to predict […]

Welcome Business Development Manager – Thom Harris

Posted on November 2, 2023

We’re expanding the team here at Troxy, and as part of that expansion, we’ve brought in new Business Development Manager, Thom Harris to the fold. Thom’s only been with us a short while but is already making a positive impression within the team. We wanted to know what he hopes to bring to Troxy and […]

‘The Kieran Fennell’ – 10 Years at Troxy!

Posted on October 25, 2023

‘The Kieran Fennell’, a term recently coined by our Finance Manager Kieran Fennell for celebrating 10 years at Troxy! Kieran’s brought so much to the venue over the years having started out behind the bar to now managing the cash flow for the whole venue! Between spreadsheets and payroll, we took some time to find […]

Meet our Events Manager – Toby Robinson

Posted on October 9, 2023

Newest member of the Troxy tribe is our Events Manager Toby Robinson. We sat down with him in between shows to find out a little bit more about him… Tell us a bit about your background and when you joined Troxy… I grew up in Reading, which is synonymous with music fans for hosting Reading […]

Celebrating 90 Years of Troxy

Posted on September 22, 2023

Our venue has witnessed nine glorious decades of entertainment and culture. As it reaches the remarkable milestone of 90 years, we take a nostalgic journey through its history and celebrate the legacy that continues to captivate audiences today… Wayback When…. Our story began back in 1933 when Troxy first opened its doors as a grand […]

Top Things to do in Limehouse, London

Posted on September 19, 2023

So you want to come to an event at Troxy, but – you’ve never been to Limehouse? Well my friends, you have certainly been missing out! In this blog post, we take a walk around Limehouse, the home of our beloved venue and highlight some of the best things to do in the area… Limehouse’ […]

We’re finalists in the London Venue & Catering Awards 2023! 

Posted on September 14, 2023

We’ve been shortlisted in not one but TWO award categories in the prestigious London Venue & Catering Awards for – Best Venue for Equality Diversity & Inclusion & Best Awards Venue. This achievement stands as a true testament to our exceptional team, and our unwavering commitment to maintaining Troxy as an integral, forward-thinking presence within […]

Lights, Camera, Action! Troxy’s Transition from Venue to Film Set

Posted on September 4, 2023

Our venue has many strings to its bow, from hosting live music events, and prestigious awards ceremonies, to red carpet premieres and corporate fundraisers. You may (or may not) have known that we’re happy to hire our beautiful venue as a filming location catering to any project large or small, whether it’s a closed set, […]

Making an Impact: How Moving Venue Are Revolutionising Corporate Events

Posted on July 19, 2023

Moving Venue Caterers is a leading London-based catering company dedicated to curating exceptional culinary experiences for a diverse range of events. With a passion for innovation, quality and impeccable service, Moving Venue has been a trusted name in the catering industry for almost four decades. Having worked with us since 2016, we are super happy […]

Building Community through Music: Troxy’s Impact on Local Culture

Posted on July 14, 2023

Music has a unique ability to transcend boundaries and bring people together. It has the power to create a sense of belonging, ignite emotions, and foster a strong sense of community. Nestled in the heart of East London, Troxy has become much more than just a music venue; it has become a symbol of unity […]

Why do we encourage site visits before booking our venue?

Posted on June 23, 2023

We recently conducted a poll to see how many of you book site visits before booking a venue, and we were happy that 69% of you check the place out before you commit. 31% of you, on the other hand, opted to book without a site visit. While it’s understandable that some may choose to […]

Backstage Chats: David Lysaght

Posted on June 23, 2023

We sat down with David Lysaght who’s our Bar and Facilities Manager here at Troxy to find out a little more about him… TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR BACKGROUND AND WHEN YOU JOINED TROXY… I’ve over 20+ years experience working within hospitality, having worked within numerous hotels when I lived back in Ireland before […]

Troxy: Championing diversity and inclusivity with vibrant LGBTQ+ community events

Posted on May 18, 2023

In a world where inclusivity is a driving force, it’s essential to have spaces that embrace diversity and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Here at Troxy, we like to think of ourselves as a shining beacon of inclusivity by hosting a range of vibrant and empowering events specifically curated for the LGBTQ+ community.  As a venue, […]

Finalists in the GCN Events Awards 2023!

Posted on May 15, 2023

We are overjoyed to share the exciting news that Troxy has been chosen as a finalist in the Most Versatile Venue category at the esteemed Conference & Events Awards Show. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional events and creating unforgettable experiences for our clients. The Conference & Events Awards […]

The Dish on Delightful Dining: Exploring the World of Food by Dish

Posted on May 12, 2023

Dish is one of London’s finest caterers with the ambition to provide the highest quality food and service within the events industry. Owned by The Eventist Group, the heart of the business sits firmly with its relationships with clients and approach of the Dish ‘family’ team. We’re lucky to say Food by Dish has been […]

The Hybrid Revolution: Will Hybrid Events Continue to Thrive in the Future?

Posted on May 4, 2023

Hybrid events have become increasingly popular over the years due to the pandemic. As we move forward and continue to get back to normalcy some wonder whether hybrid events will continue to stick around in the future. We asked the general public what their thoughts were and the results were quite surprising… Of those we […]

Customised Culinary Delights: The Power of Personalization in Catering with Seasoned Events

Posted on April 24, 2023

Seasoned is a leading event management company based right here in the big smoke. Founded in 2005, the company has grown to become one of the most respected and trusted names in the events industry, with a reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative and memorable events for clients across a range of sectors. With a focus […]

Shifting the Spotlight: The Rise of Daytime Award Ceremonies

Posted on April 18, 2023

Award events celebrating the achievements of individuals, teams and organisations have become a staple for many industries. Traditionally, these glitzy events take place in the evening and centre around a drinks reception, three course seated dinner, sometimes questionable comedian presenters and come to a close in the early hours of the morning. Recently however, we […]

Meet us at The BNC Show 2023!

Posted on April 14, 2023

You can catch up with Team Troxy IRL at The BNC Show on 19th April.  Taking place at Central Hall Westminster, we’ll be on hand to discuss your upcoming events and how they can find a home at Troxy. As one of London’s most iconic and few remaining independent venues, we’re proud to offer a […]

Backstage Chats: Sonny Downie

Posted on April 12, 2023

We sat down with Sonny Downie who’s our Venue Administrator here at Troxy to find out a little more about him… Tell us a bit about your background and when you joined Troxy… I never really had an idea of what I wanted to do career wise and I’ve tried my hand at various jobs […]

Exploring the Sustainable Food Scene with Boulevard Events

Posted on April 5, 2023

Boulevard Events is an award-winning London-based catering company that has been going since 1988! And we’re super proud to have them as one of our accredited caterers. Boulevard Events bring a whole new meaning to event catering. Not only are they well known for their commitment to sustainability and use of ethical ingredients, but they […]

We won ‘Venue Team’ in the Campaign Experience Awards 2023!

Posted on April 3, 2023

We are the proud recipients of the prestigious Campaign Experience Award for ‘Venue Team’. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who consistently go above and beyond to provide exceptional event experiences for our clients. The Campaign Experience Awards highlight the very best work and teams in the […]

Backstage Chats: Simon Eaton

Posted on March 28, 2023

We sat down with Simon Eaton who’s Head of Live here at Troxy to find out a little more about him… Tell us a bit about your background and when you joined Troxy… I’m not sure I could work in any other industry, or that any other industry would have me! I was fortunate enough […]

Spring into Flavour: Catering Trends to Savour This Season

Posted on March 20, 2023

In events it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to menu trends. Spring is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings, which makes it the perfect opportunity to introduce new menu items to get your delegates salivating. We’ve put together five trends for spring menus that we predict are going to […]

We’re launching a short lead rate card

Posted on March 17, 2023

Have you heard the news folks? We’ve reacted to the emerging trend of short lead bookings and revealed a new rate card exclusively for enquiries within a two-week lead time. This makes any of our available spaces accessible at a competitive rate, subject to terms and conditions. This includes the Grand Hall on the ground […]

Backstage Chats: Elisa Alberici

Posted on March 15, 2023

We sat down with Elisa Alberici who’s our in–house Ticketing Manager to find out a little more about her… So, tell us a bit about your background and when you joined Troxy… I moved from France to London in 2017, and studied fashion design atRegents University which I absolutely loved, but unfortunately I ended up […]

Serving up Street Food Style with KERB Events

Posted on March 8, 2023

If you haven’t heard of KERB Events then you may as well have been living under a rock. KERB Events has established itself as one of the leading event caterers in London. With a focus on high-quality food, creativity and innovation, KERB has been serving up delicious dishes for corporate events across the city for […]

Backstage chat with Emma Vinyard, Corporate Sales Manager at Troxy

Posted on February 24, 2023

We sat down with Emma Vinyard who heads up Corporate Sales here at Troxy to find out a little more about her… Tell us a bit about your background and when you joined Troxy… I studied event management at the University of Gloucestershire and my placement year was with an East London venue. Once I […]

Troxy launches catering partnerships to kick off a busy 2023

Posted on January 27, 2023

We’ve just announced our preferred caterers for 2023-2025, designed to provide variety for event organisers hosting events in our spaces, with options from street food to fine dining. Troxy is a 1930’s art-deco venue at the heart of London’s East End, with a history as rich and diverse as the people who come through its […]

Four Tet, Fred Again..+ Skrillex play sell out show at Troxy

Posted on January 10, 2023

Electronic dance pioneers Four Tet, Fred Again..+ Skrillex surprised fans with a last minute show at Troxy Troxy was chosen as the final venue to host a run of three exclusive London performances from Four Tet, Fred Again..+ Skrillex, who performed a surprise show on Saturday 7th January.  Produced by Eat Your Own Ears, the […]

Troxy – Now accepting Bitcoin!

Posted on November 21, 2022

You may or may not have heard it through the grapevine but we’ve become the first live events space in London to honour Bitcoin as a currency, and we’re now accepting the alternative payment method behind our main bar. Kerrching!  We teamed up with Bitcoin pioneers and friends at CoinCorner, a leading Bitcoin exchange headquartered […]

Celebrating 90 Years of Troxy

Posted on October 13, 2023

Nestled in the heart of East London, Troxy stands as an iconic venue that has witnessed nine glorious decades of entertainment and culture. As it reaches the remarkable milestone of 90 years, we take a nostalgic journey through its history and celebrate the legacy that continues to captivate audiences today… Wayback When…. Troxy’s story begins […]