Lighting the Way to Modern Entertainment

Here at Troxy, we continue to embrace change. When our doors closed to the public during 2020/21, a huge investment went into removing a false wall at the rear of the stage to convert it back to its original, 1930s size. Our expansive new stage area with wings, plus the recently exposed original fly tower within the proscenium arch (which hasn’t been seen since the 1970s) has enabled us to host more complex, large-scale productions.

Late last year, we knew there were other areas of the venue that we could invest in to bring it in line with the modern day, and when our ageing dimming rack began to fail, an opportunity presented itself. We knew our next course of action was to upgrade the house lighting rig with its original assortment of profiles and PAR cans and replace it with a more user-friendly all-LED rig.

“We had a PA that promoters and clients raved about, but we didn’t have the lighting rig to match it. It used enormous amounts of electricity and didn’t do the jobs that we needed it to do.” explains Tom Sutton-Roberts, our Managing Director.

We have since extended our partnership with Sound Tech and Harman by investing £340,000 in a new Martin Lighting rig. The rig consists of Martin ERA800 Profile, ERA800 Performance, MAC Aura PXL, MAC Ultra Wash and Martin Atomic Dots.

We can safely say, this new upgrade has made the venue lighting second to none. The adaptability is great from corporate events to gigs. Nothing has to change physically to juxtapose ‘bright and ready-for-camera’ lighting, with ‘moody and restrained’ for club nights. The production values you get now are vastly improved for anyone who is hiring this space -and we’re super proud of that!

Rise – an organisation supporting gender diversity across the media technology sector – hosted its 2023 awards ceremony with us late last year. The evening was streamed on YouTube. The awards used all of our new lighting fixtures which looked amazing on camera.

These new improvements are a testament to our commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities for our clients and patrons. By investing in cutting-edge technology and modernising our infrastructure, we aim to elevate the experience for everyone who walks through our doors. The enhanced lighting capabilities not only enhance the visual appeal of our events but also offer greater flexibility and efficiency, aligning perfectly with the diverse range of productions we host.

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of entertainment and technology, we look forward to welcoming even more exciting events and experiences at Troxy.

If you’d like to book your next event with us, contact our Corporate Sales Manager, Emma here.