‘The Kieran Fennell’ – 10 Years at Troxy!

Kieran Fennell

‘The Kieran Fennell’, a term recently coined by our Finance Manager Kieran Fennell for celebrating 10 years at Troxy! Kieran’s brought so much to the venue over the years having started out behind the bar to now managing the cash flow for the whole venue!

Between spreadsheets and payroll, we took some time to find out his proudest Troxy moments and what he’s looking forward to next…

What was your background before Troxy?

Before Troxy I was living in Hertfordshire studying for my Music Technology Degree. While in my second year, I really got into the Techno and the House Music scene and started working in a variety of clubs that sadly no longer exist anymore: Proud 2, Factory 7, Shapes, Studio Spaces, Building Six., iCan Studios, usually working as a bartender or on the floor, but always helping to set up and breakdown at the end of the night.

After completing my degree I moved back to London and applied to work as a bartender at Troxy. That’s where my journey at Troxy really began and then over the course of the years I’ve been promoted to different positions.

What has been your proudest moment at Troxy so far?

I have had quite a few different jobs during my time at Troxy. First, starting as a bartender and then progressing into the Bar Management team to finally land now in the Finance department.

I have been blessed with many moments that fill me with pride. If I had to choose, I would say that setting what was then the Bar record takings in one night, has been my number 1 moment for the past couple of years. Although, being promoted to Finance Manager tops it for me now!

10 years is a long time….what have you learnt along the way?

Honestly I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! There’s simply too many things to list right now but I would say every day brings an opportunity to listen and learn something new. I’d say that’s one of the best things about working in this amazing live events venue space – no two days are ever the same! I’ve learned to take it all in my stride, be open to new challenges and to commit 100% to solving those quick fixes or providing creative solutions.

What 3 albums would you take with you on a deserted island?

I used to play piano far more regularly than I have the chance to anymore, but that has always fueled my love for Jazz music. These are three of my favourite Jazz albums that I have on repeat no matter what mood I’m in:

•           Al Jarreau – Breaking Away

•           Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit

•           Frank Mccomb – Soulmate: Another Love story 

What’s next for you at Troxy?

Well, the Finance team is growing, so I’m looking forward to taking on some passionate and driven individuals in the department. I’m also looking forward to helping mould and shape them to be the best support at Troxy and keep everything ticking over.

Advice for anyone trying to break into the finance/events industry?

When I started at Troxy I was very green, but I was very dedicated to learning my craft.

My best piece of advice would be to find someone who could mentor you and show you the ropes. I was fortunate for this to happen to me in my role as Assistant Bar Manager and Finance Assistant and the knowledge shared was invaluable. My second piece of advice is to write down your goals, wishes, wants and aims and set out a plan on how to achieve them.