About Us

We’ve been helping East London have a good time since 1933 and have no intention of stopping now.

In that year, when Troxy first opened as the UK’s biggest cinema, things were done with a sense of style, like the staff wearing evening dress and spraying perfume during film showings.

London was very different then. There was no Victoria Line, Hitler was preparing to do his worst to the city, Abbey Road Studios had just opened and Battersea Power Station was a mere two years old.

But some things haven’t changed. A night out at Troxy was a unique treat then and it still is today.

Sure, the building has changed a bit – for the better – and we won’t spray perfume on you, but we remain committed to giving our customers an extraordinary experience.


Our beautiful art deco building, complete with Wurlitzer organ, has seen some epic events over the years, and has become known as London’s most flexible venue.

But don’t take our word for it, step through the front doors and feast your eyes on the original features which combine with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system and grand hall to make us truly unique.

Whether it’s a rock concert (we love hosting some of the best live bands around), corporate conferences, weddings or indoor sports event, there is nothing like a night at Troxy.

Lots of venues have, like us, a stylish building and the capacity to host thousands of people. Very few can boast a Wurlitzer.

It took six years and a lot of hard work to restore the largest theatre pipe organ in Europe to its original glory. And what glory!

With more than 1,700 pipes and spreading across four different rooms the organ is essentially a whole orchestra in one instrument. Drums, cymbals, piano, xylophone and glockenspiel are just some of the sounds that emerge when its ivories are tinkled.


Imported from the USA in 1930, its original home was the Trocadero Cinema in Elephant and Castle. The organ came close to being demolished along with the building, but was fortunately saved and put in Edric Hall at London South Bank University until that was turned into an arts centre in 2004.

An incredible instrument like the Wurlitzer deserves an incredible setting however, and the Southern District of the Cinema Organ Society painstakingly restored it over six years and placed it behind our art deco facade. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication and hard work.


It was a great day when the organ came ‘home’ to us in 2015. Very significantly, this was the first installation of a major theatre pipe organ in a British super cinema since the 1930’s. Big thanks must go to the volunteers who spent countless hours under the expert guidance of team leader John Abson and COS technical officer Robert Rowley to bring the organ to Troxy.

We didn’t bring it back just to look at it of course. Its awe-inspiring sound is still heard at regular events during the year, and if you hire Troxy you can use it as part of your event, whether that’s walk-in music for a wedding or part of a silent film score.

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