BAFTA Games Awards

Bafta Awards logo lights up a LED screen on stage

On 12th April 2018 Troxy hosted the BAFTA Games Awards  – which was broadcast live around the globe, alongside 80 nominees, 600 guests and 100 members of the public in attendance.

Key to the brief was that the public were situated in Troxy’s circle. The venue lent itself perfectly to allow the event to be both open to the public but still ensuring an exclusive feel. An LED tunnel led people through to pre-award drinks and then the seating for the awards ceremony. Whilst the audience watched the awards, the drape sides of the tunnel were removed to reveal the dining area on each side. The LED walkway then ran through the middle of the dining space providing a striking feature.

The increased technology at the event was a very purposeful choice on behalf of the organisers, who wanted to wow their tech-savvy guests. Streaming partner Jackshoot allowed for the event to be broadcast on a number of new platforms, including on PS4, X-Box and Amazon Fire TV. Over one million people viewed the event

Lucy Waller, Awards Event Producer at BAFTA said of the event: “Moving the venue to Troxy allowed greater freedom over the suppliers we selected, including our tech suppliers. This has been a fundamental change for the awards, having previously been more restricted.  It’s allowed us to select suppliers for the first time, who have all proved to be brilliant choices. Utilising social media to engage with nominees as well as the broader public was a real success. Troxy supported further with this, by creating a SnapChat filter for the night.”

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