InsideOut Awards 2023

InsideOut Awards 2023

The InsideOut Awards is an esteemed platform that recognises and celebrates excellence in promoting mental health, wellness, and overall wellbeing. Committed to shining a light on individuals, organisations, and initiatives that prioritise and champion holistic wellbeing, the InsideOut Awards serves as a gathering of like-minded individuals and organisations dedicated to raising awareness, promoting education, and fostering a culture of wellbeing. It provides a unique opportunity for winners to showcase their initiatives, share best practices, and inspire others to prioritise mental health in their respective domains.

This year, the inaugural InsideOut award ceremony was celebrated at Troxy! 400 guests arrived at 6:30pm to a champagne reception providing a fantastic opportunity for attendees to connect, network, and engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded colleagues, industry creatives, and the esteemed nominees vying for the prestigious awards.

Kerb Events offered an array of mouthwatering street-style food options that guests could savour at their convenience throughout the evening, satisfying their cravings whenever hunger struck.

Guests were treated to entertainment by best-selling author, clown, and co-founder of Global Movement Laugh, Think, and Play, Em Stroud, before diving into the award ceremony.

There was a total of 16 awards up for grabs including: Behind the Scenes Champion, Best New Mental Health Initiative, Wellbeing Leader of the Year, and Employer Initiative of the Year.

Once the Award ceremony came to a close, guests were treated to an LED dance break act and Das Brass – a funk quintet who bought the tunes until the end of the night.

Inside Out Awards utilised the in-house production facilities at Troxy, working closely with the events team to ensure the night went off without a hitch.

Rob Stephenson, Co-founder Inside Out Awards:

“We choose Troxy as the venue for the InsideOut Awards due to its prime location, rich character, and its ability to provide that undeniable ‘wow’ factor for our esteemed guests. Right from the beginning, we were impressed by the venue’s in-house production capabilities and the unwavering dedication of its events team. Hosting such a significant event at Troxy fills us with immense pride. Together, we managed to create a memorable experience that reflects the importance and impact of prioritising holistic wellbeing.”

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