Richard Dawkins and Ricky Gervais in Conversation

Ricky Gervais live on stage with Richard Dawkins. The image is darkly lit, with only stage lights present

When a sold-out audience gathered to hear two of the most influential speakers of the 21st Century in discussion, Troxy’s new audio technology and the venue’s flexibility came into its own.

Scientist and author Richard Dawkins was joined by comedian Ricky Gervais on stage at the Troxy which was laid out in its theatre configuration to allow as many people as possible to attend.  The standing area was cleared for extra seating to meet ticket demand – 2,000 were sold overall.

To allow the focus to be on the two speakers, the stage set was kept simple with the venue’s giant main screens ensuring everyone in both tiers had a great view.

Sensitive lighting was used to illuminate the art deco pillars which framed the stage and Troxy’s new JBL VTX A12 sound system provided crystal-clear audio.  This particular system minimises any minor distortions which can often plague speaking events, and it is streamlined enough to be discreet.

Troxy’s wifi capabilities are some of the best in the capital, meaning audience members could quickly and easily share their favourite moments of the evening on social media.

The whole occasion was professionally filmed so those not lucky enough to have attend were able to watch it in full at a later date.

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