Bessel van der Kolk

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Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk – How The Body Keeps the Score

Traumatic experiences leave their imprint on the body as well as the mind. Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk joins Mindhealth360 founder Kirkland Newman to offer a new paradigm for healing.

The helplessness and invisibility associated with trauma need not be inevitable. Drawn from more than thirty years at the forefront of research and clinical practice, Dr Bessel van der Kolk’s global bestseller The Body Keeps The Score showed us that the terror and isolation at the core of trauma literally reshape both brain and body – and demonstrated a new approach to recovery, moving away from standard talking and drug therapies to heal mind, brain and body.

Now Dr Van Der Kolk joins us in conversation with the founder and CEO of Mindhealth360, Kirkland Newman, to explore his bold new paradigm for treatment.

Fusing insights from the cutting-edge of neuroscience with the weight of decades of experience as an active therapist, Dr Van Der Kolk will reveal the power of our relationships – whether in the intimacy of the home or in our wider communities – to both hurt and heal.

Join us to discover how both adults and children can reclaim ownership of their bodies and their


This event is presented in partnership with MindHealth360, a free, global resource for integrative mental health and functional medicine psychiatry that revolutionises the way mental health is approached in the mainstream.

Presented by FANE.

This is an 14+ event.

  • Doors open: 7:00 pm
  • Last Entry: 10:00 pm
  • Curfew: 11:00 pm
Bessel van der Kolk

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