The Kills

This is a 14+ event.

Whether we look for him or not, we all find God somewhere. It could be in nature. It could be in church. It could be in the metaverse. It differs for each and everyone of us. In terms of where God might be, The Kills aren’t necessarily saying, but the duo certainly sound like they’ve seen him. How else could you explain the primal call-and-response between Alison Mosshart’s full body blues-soul vocal catharsis and Jamie Hince’s swaggering, guillotine-smooth guitar transmissions on the duo’s sixth-full length offering God Games.

“I wanted to write a record of godless spirituals,” Jamie states. “In real life, I’m an atheist. Creatively, I play with God a lot though. I liked occupying the space between those opposites.”

“In this space, it’s hard to be dishonest,” Alison elaborates. “This is a diary entry of seven years. It’s a canvas of time for us.”

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If you’ve purchased accessible tickets for this event and haven’t done so for a previous event at Troxy, please email with a copy of your proof of eligibility. We accept PIP letters, Nimbus cards, Blue Badge, Doctor notes etc. Please ensure that this is sent to us within 7 days of your purchase, as failure to do so could result in your ticket being cancelled and refunded.

Presented by SJM Concerts.

This is an 14+ event.


  • Doors open: 7:00 pm
  • Last Entry: 10:00 pm
  • Curfew: 11:00 pm


  • Baba Ali: 7:15 pm
  • Picture Parlour: 8:00 pm
  • The Kills: 9:00 pm
The Kills

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