Where East is Best

Even in construction, shown here on the 6th May 1932, Troxy was splendid. The 110 foot main girder for the balcony, the largest single structural element in the building, was taken by road with special police escort from Barrow-in-Furness. On the roads of today that would be quite a feat, but in 1932 it was something of a major wonder. The statistics were equally prodigious with two-and-a-half million bricks, 10,000 tons of sand, 24,000 tons of ballast, 1,000 tons of steelwork, 10,000 electric light bulbs and 90,000 yards of wiring going into the construction.

It is said to have employed 8,000 men over it’s 12-month construction period and supported over 10,000 jobs in factories all over the country in ironmongery, steelwork, bricks, timber, electrical fittings, glass, carpets, rubber floor coverings, and woven goods.

Excerpt from David Jones ‘Troxy, Where East is Best’ with additional information from The Era (30th August 1933). Photo copyright Cinema Theatre Association.