Top Things to do in Limehouse, London

Limehouse London

So you want to come to an event at Troxy, but – you’ve never been to Limehouse? Well my friends, you have certainly been missing out!

In this blog post, we take a walk around Limehouse, the home of our beloved venue and highlight some of the best things to do in the area…

Limehouse’ A History

Limehouse, famous for the growth of its docks, actually became London’s first ever Chinatown back in the 1880s – 1960s due to its Chinese community. It was never that large but it gained quite a reputation for gambling and provided the backdrop for many Dr Fu Manchu movies.

Fast forward to the present day, and Limehouse has been regenerated, where housing in converted warehouses and modern towers line the Thames and Limehouse Basin, which is home to a yacht-filled marina.

When you come to visit Limehouse, you’re at the gateway between the River Thames and over 2,000 miles of navigable canals and rivers. The Limehouse Cut is the oldest canal in London and one you may recognise from a certain Mission Impossible film sequence.

As well as being rich in maritime history and a sought after location for a movie setting, Limehouse offers a unique charm full of places to explore….

Keep it Green

Limehouse is within walking distance of beautiful open green spaces including Stepney Green, Mile End Park, the historical Tower Hamlets Cemetery and a longer stroll away, Mudchute Park and Farm. The high variety of choice means that anyone visiting the area has access to experience a lovely walk in the park, despite being in an urban setting.

Shop ‘till You Drop

Just a couple of stops away on the ever-reliable DLR, you’ll find Jubilee Place Mall, an underground shopping mall on the south side of Canary Wharf. Have a gander around The White Company for a fancy candle, marvel at Watches of Switzerland or treat yourself silly at Banana Republic.

Wine and Dine

Who doesn’t love good food? Limehouse has a pretty eclectic palette when it comes to serving up dishes – from Indian, Thai, Caribbean, Chinese to South American, and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are plenty of chippies, and even a Kebab for that all important midnight snack.

A couple of places we recommended are: Rajboy Indian, La Figa Restaurant, Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar and Kirvem Restaurant and Bar.

You can also check out The Grapes which is situated right on the banks of the River Thames and the leaseholder is Sir Ian Mckellen himself! The building dates from the 1720’s and is on the site of a pub built in 1583. It was formerly a working-class tavern serving dockers of the Limehouse Basin – now in 2023, it’s still going strong and serving cold bevvies to anyone who walks through its doors. It’s good to know even in the 16th Century they still liked a cheeky tipple.

So that concludes our tour of Limehouse – there are of course plenty of other things to get up to and see in the area like the Museum of London Docklands, Thames Path, Limehouse Town Hall and Half Moon theatre – we could name more.

You’ll have to come check out the area yourselves, and while you’re here – stop by Troxy and see what’s on!