Troxy – Now accepting Bitcoin!

You may or may not have heard it through the grapevine but we’ve become the first live events space in London to honour Bitcoin as a currency, and we’re now accepting the alternative payment method behind our main bar. Kerrching! 

We teamed up with Bitcoin pioneers and friends at CoinCorner, a leading Bitcoin exchange headquartered in the Isle of Man, to bring Bitcoin acceptability into the venue. 

You will now be able to pay with Bitcoin using either The Bolt Card – a contactless Bitcoin Lightning card – or by scanning a QR code on your phone. Bitcoin payments are made through the Lightning Network, making the payment instantaneous, much like other contactless payments we use everyday. 

We are one of the only event venues in London to officially accept Bitcoin payments, but we join lots of other businesses around the world supporting the community of Bitcoin users, including household names like Hotel Chocolat, Card Factory and Costa Coffee who now accept the payment method in certain stores. 

Tom Sutton-Roberts, Managing Director, Troxy comments:

“Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing market with an untapped potential for businesses to get involved in. We’re seeing this as a trial for the venue to evaluate the uptake and if it’s a viable secondary option for us to pursue.

“As far as we know, we’re the first live venue in London to accept Bitcoin, so we’re proud to be part of something new and exciting on the live music scene. It feels great to branch out to a new community and diversify our offerings. We’re always looking for ways to reach new audiences and want to create an inclusive venue that caters for everyone’s needs. We’re hoping that by supporting the Bitcoin community other venues in London will follow suit”.

 Rosie Greening, Head of Business Development, CoinCorner, comments:

“We’re excited to partner with Troxy to bring Bitcoin payments to the live events industry. There are many benefits to accepting Bitcoin, from the instant settlement of funds, to the new customers it attracts. Troxy joins a growing number of forward-thinking businesses who are looking at Bitcoin as a way to future proof their business.”

Troxy is using CoinCorner Checkout to accept bitcoin payments. For more information, visit: