What safety and security measures are in place at Troxy?

The safety of our customers, staff and performers is of paramount importance. We constantly review our internal procedures and evaluate our safety and security methods.

We can’t go into the details of everything we do. Still, we can tell you that we are in regular communication with the Metropolitan Police and other local authorities, regularly training front-line staff and gathering intelligence for every event that we do. We regularly meet with our security management team to discuss, mould and adapt our security measures.

Sometimes it might take a little longer to get into the venue than you’d like, so please bear with us whilst we take our time to search guests and monitor the venue. For that reason, we ask that you bring as little as you can to events – ideally nothing more than a small handbag.

If you see anything suspicious, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, please let a member of staff know.

What is your bag policy?

Ideally, we’d rather you didn’t bring any bags to the venue. It slows down entry and might mean you have to queue longer. That being said, if you must bring a bag, it needs to be no larger than an A4 piece of paper.

Backpacks, suitcases, laptop bags and large holdalls are not permitted.

Are there any entry restrictions or prohibited items?

Please read our Terms and Conditions to view our full entry restrictions. Things like food and drink, and in particular chewing gum (to protect our carpet!) are not allowed.

Large bags and of course anything we think might be dangerous to other guests are also not allowed. Food and drink is also not allowed.

Obviously, we also don’t allow in weapons, contraband goods or illegal substances. You may also be liable for prosecution if you do attempt access with anything illegal.

Other items we don’t allow are glass bottles (including perfume or aftershave bottles), flammable liquids, laser pens, large umbrellas, banners, animals and any items that make noise (drums, whistles, horns, etc). Professional cameras, GoPros and drones are prohibited.

We cannot look after any prohibited items, so you’ll have to dispose of them before being allowed access to the venue.

If in any doubt, leave it at home.

Can I bring a bottle of perfume or aftershave?

Fragrance products like perfume and aftershave are not permitted due to the glass containers they come in, which are classified as prohibited items. If found, they will be confiscated and disposed of prior to granting you entry.

What are your age restrictions?

Age restrictions will vary for each event and will be listed on our website and on ticketing sites when you purchase tickets, so please check them carefully before you buy.

I was refused entry - can I get a refund?

If you are refused entry or ejected from our building you will not be refunded. This is part of the terms and conditions you agreed to when you bought your ticket.

And be warned, anyone who has consumed too much alcohol prior to arrival and appears to be in an intoxicated state, or behaves inappropriately in the queue or within sight of our staff, may be refused entry without refund.

What are the show times?

Unfortunately because we do not have control of stage times we cannot reply to e-mails sent requesting stage or set times. Wherever possible we will list approximate times on our website and social media channels but as they are a guide and subject to change we ask that you only use them as guidance and arrive at Troxy in good time. We’d hate you to miss the start of the show!

By the way, the time on your ticket is the time the doors open and not the show start time.

What is DICE?

DICE is a multi award winning live music and events discovery and ticketing platform. It is curated, stops touts, and puts fans first. Since 2014 DICE has worked with over 3,000 artists from Adele to Stormzy and has won awards including Best Ticketing Company at the 2016 Music Week Awards.

They’re 100% mobile and available on iOS and Android.

Where are my tickets?

DICE tickets are stored inside the DICE app. Whether you bought your ticket on your phone, or desktop, just open the app and tap on the ‘Tickets’ icon (bottom of the screen, second from the left) and you’ll be taken to the space where all your tickets live. The tickets will appear in the date order of the shows.

If you can’t see your ticket contact https://dice.fm/contact.

For other ticketing outlets, please contact them directly for support.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?

We do not sell tickets in person other than when we are open for the event you wish to attend. You maybe able to get tickets on the day, but of course, only if it’s not sold out.

At any other time, and would direct you to our ticketing partner DICE for ticket purchasing. You can buy tickets at any time through the app, even if you’re already in the queue!


How do I know my tickets are genuine?

Our ticketing partner is DICE . Any tickets you buy directly from them, or via our own website, you can be confident are genuine!

What do I need to collect tickets from the box office?

We do not provide a collection at box office service. If you have a ticket of this type, please go to your point of purchase and request an e-ticket.

However, on occasion there may be a last minute reason for a replacement ticket. If you have bought tickets via a third party ticket seller for collection, they will be available to be picked up on the day of the show. To do this you will need a copy of the order confirmation, ID and the card you used to pay for them.

We do not accept letters of authorisation. The orginal ticket purchaser must be present and attending the event – This also includes if for any reason tickets do not scan, the box office can only assist if the orginal ticket purchaser is present.


What happens if my phone breaks or runs out of battery?

Please contact https://dice.fm/contact and let them know. They’ll be able to make arrangements with the venue so you can still attend the gig. Just make sure to bring some photo ID with you.

Can I use DICE without a smartphone?

Yes, don’t worry, DICE tickets are still available via our website. Just find the event you want to purchase tickets for and click through for the option to purchase tickets.

Then on the night of the show, head to the venue with some valid photo ID and collect your tickets at the Box Office.

When can I purchase tickets to a gig?

Usually tickets can be bought through the app right up until the main artist goes on stage. You don’t need to queue at the box office to buy tickets on the door – you can buy your ticket on the DICE app and just walk in.

Can I get a refund from DICE?

DICE does refunds! If a show is sold out, then you can return your ticket to the Waiting List with just a few taps and tickets are offered seamlessly to other fans. If purchased by another person, you’ll receive a full refund.

If an event is sold out, can I get a ticket?

You can join the Waiting List on DICE for most sold out shows, more information can be found in the DICE app and on their website.

Accessibility queries or looking for a ticket for your assistant?

Troxy has accessible access. For all the details, please see our Accessibility page.

Is my data safe with DICE?

DICE don’t share or sell your data onto any third party companies, as is outlined in their privacy policy.

Other ticketing problems or questions?

You can contact DICE any time at https://dice.fm/contact or message them from inside the app too.

For more information and FAQ, visit their website

Do you take cash?

We are a cash free venue. We do not take cash at any of our bars or box office.

We do however offer a cash-card service where you can exchange cash for a pre-loaded card to use on the bars. Please speak to a member of the bar team for this service.

Merchandise sellers will have their own policies.

I think I lost something at the venue - what do I do?

We have a lost property department which you can contact on lostproperty@troxy.co.uk. Any unclaimed items will be taken to local charity shops after two weeks. Items such as wallets, passports and driving licences will be held for a longer period but will eventually be passed on to the police or relevant issuing authority.

How do I get to Troxy and is there parking nearby?

Troxy is a public transport destination. Please do not drive to the venue.

For further information, see our Your Visit page.

What kind of special effects do you use?

Some Troxy shows will feature strobe lighting, pyrotechnics and/or smoke effects. This will be advertised around the venue to alert customers. If you have any issues on the night please speak to a member of staff.

We are a live music venue and there will be high sound levels during shows, sometimes continuously which may cause potential damage to hearing. Ear plugs are available on request.

We like to be a good neighbour so please bear this in mind and keep sound to a minimum when leaving Troxy.

I have a complaint or issue – what do I do?

If an issue arises while you are attending a show at Troxy please speak to a member of staff who will do their best to help. If you want to contact us about something after the show please call 0207 790 9000 or e-mail us at hello@troxy.co.uk

Is there a bar at Troxy?

On most events we operate numerous bars, which will be serving drinks once our doors open. We offer a full selection of products and  draught beer on our permanent bars, and a full selection of products and bottled and canned beers on our temporary bars.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes – we operate a cloakroom on most standing shows. Space is limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.

Please do not bring:

  • a large bag, rucksack or suitcase (it should fit under a seat)
  • other bulky items such as motorcycle helmets
  • large umbrellas that do not collapse and can be stored in a bag

If in doubt, please email us on hello@troxy.co.uk

Are there hotels and places to eat nearby?

Yes. We’ve got some great local places to stay at, and some amazing restaurants too. Please see the Local Area info section for more details.

What time can I queue from?

Troxy doesn’t approve any queuing before 11am on the day of the show. Anyone who chooses to queue before that point may well be moved and their place/order in the queue not be honoured.

Additionally, Troxy doesn’t endorse or adhere to any numbering system whatsoever. Any fan led system doesn’t guarantee anything as far as the venues concerned.

If you have a ticket for the show there’s no need to turn up early, we’ll get you in safe and sound without you braving the elements!