Backstage Chats: Sonny Downie

We sat down with Sonny Downie who’s our Venue Administrator here at Troxy to find out a little more about him…

Tell us a bit about your background and when you joined Troxy…

I never really had an idea of what I wanted to do career wise and I’ve tried my hand at various jobs before landing on my feet at Troxy. I started working in various retail jobs before moving into an admin-based position at Net-a-Porter and then into a sales role at Abacus before being made redundant during the pandemic. It seems like luck was on my side though, as I met Tom whilst looking for a new role. We hit it off instantly and I’m so thankful for that chance meeting.

I guess it just goes to show that you don’t always need to have everything figured out, what’s meant to be will always fall into place, and I’m a firm believer in the right time, and right place theory. I started at Troxy a few days later on a part-time basis, and I was responsible for anything that needed to be done on the venue side, so that Tom and Simon could focus all their efforts into getting the business back up and running. I loved the fast-paced environment and the fact that there were a variety of tasks to be getting on with, plus it felt like I’d finally found my calling! I love working at Troxy, so I asked to be put onto full-time hours to really get stuck into things. I’m now lovingly dubbed as the ‘Office Elf’- or ‘Office Helper’ as I turn my hand to anything really! I’ve now been at Troxy for 18 months and I feel so entrenched in the team. It’s a fantastic place to be and I really look forward to what each day brings!

What does your role entail?

I do anything and everything that needs to be done to ensure we’re ready to host our events. This is a combination of admin based tasks, handling customer enquiries and completing odd jobs in the office plus anything else that needs doing. I’ve also now started to support the corporate sales side of things with Emma, who has taken me under her wing and is showing me the ropes.

I’ve started to go on site visits and get a feel for what the role encompasses. I’m really enjoying it and I’m looking forward to working more on the client side. It’s a real mixed bag of responsibilities that I handle but it mainly covers enquiries, pricing, site visits, booking and follow up with sales enquiries.

Have there been any stand out shows for you so far?

Oh my goodness, too many to name! Most recently we had Dexta Daps grace our stage which was amazing. I’m a huge fan of his music and the whole set was electric! I also got the privilege of attending the meet and greet, which I loved! I really hope he comes back for round three.

Last year, Trinidadian singer Kes came to Troxy which was amazing and a huge moment for everyone in the team. Personally, it felt extra special as I go to Trinidad a lot and he just brought pure vibes to the stage.

If your friends could describe you in three words, what would they say?

My colleagues would fess up and say that I only ever eat pizza at work no matter what is up for grabs – I’m a very fussy eater!

More seriously though, I’m happy to give anything a go, and happy to get stuck in and do what needs to be done. I guess that’s a good thing right!?

I love travelling too! I went to 6 countries in 6 months last year, Trinidad, Jamaica, Amsterdam, Tenerife, Tobago and Curaçao. Plus, I’m off to Bali for 16 days soon and I can’t wait!

What’s next for you at Troxy?

There’s so much to look forward to at Troxy. Currently, I’m enjoying soaking up all the corporate knowledge from Emma as I transition into a more Corporate Sales focused role.

I’m also looking forward to developing great working relationships with our clients and can’t wait to help them host their dream events!

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