Exploring the Sustainable Food Scene with Boulevard Events

Boulevard Events is an award-winning London-based catering company that has been going since 1988! And we’re super proud to have them as one of our accredited caterers.

Boulevard Events bring a whole new meaning to event catering. Not only are they well known for their commitment to sustainability and use of ethical ingredients, but they also provide a very personalised menu experience that goes above and beyond anything you could imagine.

We spoke to the Boulevard Events team about their sustainable values, the evolution of event catering, and what it’s like being located on the north side of the river…

Tell us about how Boulevard Events came to be?

Boulevard Events began nearly 40 years ago, with Madeline Crouch and Stephen Maher opening the first restaurant in Victoria Park Village. The event catering followed from the restaurant which eventually outgrew it, leading to Boulevard Events. We moved to commercial premises in 2000 and haven’t looked back!

We’ve always been a family business with strong community ties, and we are proud to still be run by the founder’s children.

How do you think event catering has changed over the years?

It’s changed in many ways, the world has become so much more connected, and with that event catering has become more globalised. With this globalisation, it’s enabled caterers like us to get our hands on more international flavours and ingredients which we couldn’t years ago. We can now introduce new dishes to clients and give them cuisine options they’ve never had the pleasure of trying. It allows us to be much more diverse with our dishes so there’s always something to suit each taste and preference.

Nowadays customers are not just looking for great food but they are also seeking a unique and memorable experience. We’ve adapted to this need by taking a very flexible approach to our menu styles. If a client has been inspired by a certain dish and they want to see it at their event we’ll replicate that dish with a Boulevard twist!

We recently catered for The Youth Music Awards at Troxy. The event was for 600 people and the client wanted something simple that a younger demographic could enjoy. They weren’t after fine dining style or anything too polished. They jokingly asked if we could provide something like Nandos, we took them by surprise when we said we could! We enjoy being led by our clients and working with them to create a menu style that will suit their event and their preferences.

What’s your thoughts on sustainability in catering?

Sustainability isn’t just a trend now, it’s a must-have and we do our bit to ensure we’re sustainable wherever possible within the business.

We try to ensure all of our suppliers are local, of which 90% are within a 5 mile radius of us. We source locally for many reasons but most importantly to maintain our own strict standards on quality and to help reduce CO2 emissions.

We also use sustainable fish sources and purchase products with reduced packaging. We’re also fully certified as a Fairtrade company and working towards attaining the sustainable restaurants accreditation.

As an industry, catering has a significant environmental impact due to the large amounts of food waste generated, so we do all we can to minimise this in the business, whether it’s following the ‘nose-to tail’ policy or creating new dishes using surplus ingredients from others; as a business it’s something that’s constantly on our plate as it were!

What does East London have to offer?

So much! We’re constantly trying to change people’s perception of East London. It’s home to some of the best restaurants, pubs and is soaked in rich cultural history. The area has been shaped by a mix of cultures and communities over the years making it a truly vibrant place to live with a great offering. We’re based in Hackney so not too far from Troxy, this side of the river you have some beautiful green spaces like Hackney Marshes or Victoria Park, and we’re not too far from the famous Brick Lane for some shopping.

If people come and visit Troxy, there’s a whole host that East London has to offer.

Get in touch with our events team to find out how Boulevard can cater for your next event at Troxy.