Case Study
Case Study

The Wurlitzer at Troxy was made with cinema in mind, and in November 2015 it got to realise its purpose again after being fully restored.

For a one-off Halloween special we screened the 1920 scary silent movie classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, with the Wurlitzer providing a full orchestral soundtrack.

It was the first time the magnificent organ’s 1,728 pipes had been heard for 60 years, and the combination of world-renowned organist Donald MacKenzie’s skills and the eerie black and white footage made for a memorable evening.

Ticket holders were seated at tables in the Grand Hall and served the classic British dish pie and mash and cocktails.

Before the main feature a selection of modern day film soundtrack classics were played and a Stan Laurie short film was shown.

The evening was a throwback to the elegant early days of cinema, with ushers in uniform reviving memories of when Troxy was the biggest picture house in the capital.

One blogger was blown away by the evening, writing: “What a terrific film, truly thrilling, but what made it even more glorious was the magnificence of Troxy Cinema..still intact with art deco features in their full unblemished finery.”