Case Study
Case Study

The Ultra White Collar Boxing team made Troxy their home for a series of events, taking advantage of the venue’s flexibility and huge floor space.

Started in New York in the late 1980s, UWCB is now firmly established in the UK with hundreds of events every year pitting similarly-matched opponents against each other and raising millions for charity.

Organisers were able to place the ring in the centre of what would normally be the standing area at music concerts, with formal dinner tables arranged around it.  Guests enjoyed their food and drink in style whilst getting a great view of the action, cheering on their favourite fighters.

UWCB also made use of The Circle, a seating tier with a bird’s eye view of the sporting action below. This allowed them to introduce a two-part pricing structure for the events, which had a capacity of 1,800.

Troxy’s recently-upgraded AV equipment provided excellent footage of the boxing bouts, meaning guests in every seat were immersed in the action.