Virtual Events.. Yay or nay?

Posted on January 25, 2021

The notion of virtual events is not entirely new, but the last 12 months have reshaped and redesigned our idea of events. 

Awards, seminars, conferences, gigs and everything in between are now produced online, with broadcast quality production that is as good as real life.

This has opened up corporate events and given brands the opportunity to communicate with a wider audience than ever before. 

When geography no longer limits participation, audiences can be involved like never before. Creating connections in the comment feeds and message boards.

So, with all we have learnt from the pandemic we’re ready to create hybrid events which cater for both the physical and the virtual audience.

A great example of brands already doing this was the BAFTA Games Awards which you can be read about here.

We’ve already got started on providing our clients with state of the art digital experiences to broadcast Troxy events live.

Our upper circle is an incredible asset for filming. As you can see in Harry Styles’ latest music video – shot just before lockdown.

We’re looking forward to new challenges of camera sight lines, production values that work for a live and online audience and how we’re going to extend the venue’s capacity infinitely once we’re all back in 2021.