Posted on November 23, 2020

While we await more news on a vaccine, here at Troxy we are still preparing to reopen with COVID-19 social distancing measures in place, ensuring that we can scale events up and down as flexibly as required for our clients.

While we all work together to put strategies in place, we’ve outlined a few vital areas on how to create COVID safe events.


A robust ticketing system is the foundation for any COVID safe event. Any key messaging and updates can be done through this system, so there can be no confusions or misunderstandings.

Link your ticketing directly into your seating plan and you have got the makings of a solid track and trace system. Understand that ticketing does not have to be transactional. It’s a structural system, allowing you to keep check on everyone that passes through the doors. 

Troxy has partnered with Dice ticketing to enable us to provide easy, ticketless (and free) options for any event. So whether you are hosting a live gig, awards ceremony or planning your next conference ask the team how DICE could help.

People Management

Getting your audience into the venue is one thing, making sure they can move around freely and safely once they are in as another. You’ll need to consider what you’re doing with your audience once they’re actually inside and how this relates to the venue layout and facilities. 

Visit the venue and walk the routes, three, four, five times to make sure you know the flow and where everything fits and your communication to audiences can communicate the plan before they arrive. 

We’ve even developed a virtual tour of the venue so you can do all this from the comfort of your own home, which you an find HERE

If you are unsure how best to plan the layout of your event, your best resource is always your venue. The team walk the halls day in, day out so will be able to come up with inventive solutions to even the trickiest of COVID restrictions.

Audience profiling

As venues we used to look at this for the type of security an event needed or how many barstaff, but now we need to look at it with Covid-19 in mind.

Do you have a young audience who will be less cautious or an older one who will want to know more details about venue measures? How will behaviours affect your egress and ingress for the event? How will you ensure table service is sufficient for your corporate event while people must remain seated?

While you’re at it, why not think about different wristbands for your guests? Red, yellow and green to indicate your guests preferred level of contact.

As a venue partner, we will go through all these questions with you but it’s a good consideration to have in mind when you start to plan your event. 

The Government Guidelines on what we can and can’t do are changing rapidly, so make sure you stay in contact with your venue and try to keep an open mind. There may be compromises you will need to make, but if you share your vision with your venue, there will always be a solution available. At the end of the day, the goal for everyone is to deliver a safe and successful event that guests remember for all the right reasons.


In truth, this could be absolutely anything. If you want to get the Doritos mariachis entertaining your guests while they come through the foyer into a track and trace system, then that’s cool with us.

With a lot of procedure, there can often be a bit of monotony… sadly that’s just par for the course now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t break it up a little bit.

Covid safe circus performers greeting your guests out the front of the venue, dedicated table magicians delivering a pre-dinner amous bouche,  maybe you want the ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain playing Abba’s greatest hits while you serve cheesecake…  take your pick! 

We work with some creative folk, so you if you want to find ways to excite and delight your guests but need some inspiration, never be afraid to ask – you never know what we might come up with.

At the end of the day, it’s a new world we have found ourselves in, and keeping everyone safe is going to be a big element for all events moving forward. But by keeping an open mind, staying up to date with guidelines and getting creative with the way we run our events, there is no reason why your event can’t still be successful, safe and memorable.

If you’re looking into running an in-person, or even a hybrid event over the coming weeks and months, the get in touch. Give us a call on 0207 790 9000 or email us at

You can view our COVID-19 statement right here: