Creating an LGBTQ friendly venue

We’re committed to Troxy being an LGBTQ safe space. Here’s just a little bit of info on some of the actions we take as a venue to ensure everyone has a top notch experience at all our events.

From top to bottom

Creating an LGBTQ friendly venue begins with creating a safe, respectful welcoming environment for everyone,  from security greeting party goers through to our cleaners you might meet moving around the venue. 

Duty of care 

It’s essential that the venue is a safe space for everyone. That means our teams are briefed on stopping any unacceptable behaviour. We ensure that welfare security are on regular patrols both internally and externally to protect any guests that may be vulnerable. We also have an Ask for Angela system in place, so customers can ask a member of staff for ‘Angela’ if they feel uncomfortable in any situation. A discrete code word that we all know how to respond to! Or guests can message our duty manager should they need to, the number is displayed on the bottom of the Ask for Angela posters in the toilet. 

Being respectful

It takes very little effort to ensure all our team use appropriate, non gender specific terms regardless of who they’re speaking to. But this small effort can make the difference between someone having a fun night and someone feeling unsafe, insulted and disrespected. This also extends to searches, the safety of all our guests is our main priority so all our security staff are briefed beforehand on conducting respectful searches so that no one is made to feel uncomfortable. We’re also working on establishing non gender specific toilets. 


We are PROUD to be an LGBTQ friendly venue! We’re proud of all our LGBTQ staff, guests, performers and promoters. So we’ll shout about it and sing along with every drag queen on our stage while we’re at it. 

We actively encourage LGBTQ events because there is still a severe inequality in the events industry that needs to be addressed. You might know we have previously welcomed Sink The Pink,  Fever Ray, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Courtney Act, Katya Zamolodchikova, Bianca Del Rio, Klub Kids, the London Gay Men’s Chorus, the Gay Men’s Dance Company and the Pink Singers among an illustrious line up of LGBTQ gigs. We’re bringing the incredible West End Bares and the Albert Kennedy Trust to the Troxy stage later this year! 

We hope everyone can have a great time at Troxy…now let’s dance!

Photos by Luke Dyson