Let’s talk fashion, daaarling. It might seem like the distant past on the 11th week of lockdown but Troxy has seen it all when it comes to fashion inspo in 2020! From 1920s Gatsby inspired sparkly dresses; drag queen-tastic heels and sequins, feathers and big lashes; to on trend red carpet looks and cowboy hats straight out of the American midwest. 

Forget London Fashion Week, the team at Troxy has compiled some of our fave looks from our guests and artists to share with you!

Party like Gatsby: The style of The Great Gatsby is wry, sophisticated, and elegiac, employing flapper dresses and suits to create 1920s chic and a sense of nostalgia, party and glamour. 

For the UK Americana Awards, the wild west came to East London and Troxy saw an influx of cowboy hats, American flag tees (it could have been the 90s all over again), tanks, western shirts, distressed denim, and varied items with Stars and Stripes accents. Yeehaw!

Another amazing night for fashion was undoubtedly the RuPaul Drag Race event which saw Troxy covered in sequins, glitter, bold makeup and feather boas again, with some amazing make-up artistry involved! Glamour was very much the order of the day and the bigger the better! The higher the hair, the closer to heaven after all!