5 Reasons Why Troxy is a unique Awards Venue

Posted on May 12, 2020
  1. A hidden second stage for a surprise reveal!

You might not have noticed because it’s covered by the stage backdrop but take a glimpse behind and you’ll find a whole second stage. If you’ve got a surprise dance troupe, or you need additional time to reset the stage between your performances, then our second stage is ideal for this.

It can be totally obscured from your guests should you wish, set up to your own specifications prior to showtime and be there, ready and waiting, until you need it. You’ve not seen a reveal until you’ve seen this!

  1. Wurlitzer

Ever fancied having your own walk on music played by a whole orchestra? Well we can do just that with our very own one-person orchestra. Our Wurlitzer organ can do pretty much anything with effects ranging from drums and cymbals, xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba and piano. And it’s the real thing too, this awesome creation has over 1700 pipes which are designed to imitate a massive range of orchestral instruments…all played by one of our amazing organists who helped restore, and now care for this magnificent instrument.

  1. Catering variety

With an in-house kitchen facility and space for additional field kitchens at the back of the venue we have the ability to adapt for almost any kind of catering requirements. We have a huge number of suppliers who we can connect you with, ranging from sit down and silver service to more casual street food offerings. But if you have something particular in mind that you’d like to put in place, then just let us know.

  1. The Circle

When Troxy was transformed into a bingo hall, the circle was installed with four seater booths. These retro seated spaces give a brilliant view of the stage and are great to add a VIP section or sponsor area to host guests in addition to the ground floor.

  1. In House production

Awards shows need good lighting and above all, brilliant sound. There’s nothing worse than not being able to hear the compere clearly or miss your name being announced. Our new JBL sound system is configured to give great coverage at all corners of the venue and is part of the inhouse production which comes with our venue hire.